Facebook Text Advertising Policy Update

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Facebook have today announced a change to their advertising text policy.


Adding a relevant image of your product or service can be one of the most powerful factors in determining the success of your Facebook ads. When you use images, try to include as little text as possible on the image itself. For any text you use in your ad, we recommend that you include it in the post, rather than the image. Ads with more image text tend to not be received as well by the target audience.


  • If you need to include text in your image, try reducing the font size of your text
  • Make sure most of the text you use is in the text box instead of directly on the ad’s image
  • Avoid spreading text all over the image

Examples of text overlay in ads

Facebook ads that contain images with little to no text tend to cost less and have better delivery than ads with image text (Check the exceptions).

Image text can fall into one of 4 categories:

More visual examples

Preferred Text

These ads are considered ideal because all of the copy used for these ads are in the text box, instead of directly in the image.

Low Text

These ads are considered to have moderate text. Each of these ads have most of their copy in the text box, but there’s still some copy directly on the images in each of them.

Medium Text

These ads are considered to have heavy text. Each of these ads have about half of their copy in the text box and about half of their copy on the images used in their ads. The delivery for these ads will likely be severely limited.

High Text

These ads are considered to have too much text. These ads will likely not deliver.


What kind of text won’t limit delivery

  • Movie Posters
  • Book Covers
  • Album Covers
  • Product Images – Where an entire product can be seen, and not just a zoomed in image of the product.
  • Posters for concerts/music Festivals, Comedy Shows or Sporting Events
  • Text-based Businesses Calligraphy, carton/comic strips, etc.
  • App & game screenshots
  • Legal text
  • Infographics

What’s not allowed in my image? (does count as text)

  • Logos – Any text-based logo is counted as text regardless of its size or alignment
  • Watermark – Watermarks are considered as text, even if they’re mandatory or as per their brand guidelines
  • Numbers – All numbers are considered as text