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Instagram has made several changes lately to add more of a social media slant on the product and move away from ‘just a photo sharing platform’, such as allowing users to ‘Like’ comments and ban users from their channels, and even adding live streaming to Instagram Stories in early 2017. The latest development is something that parent company Facebook has allowed for a long time – adding multiple images at once.

Update 10.9 has unlocked this capability, which allows users to see your bunch of photos easily through a quick swipe of the finger, instead of manually opening each and every one – which immediately feels like the stone age of Instagram in comparison!

Here’s how you do it:

* Update the Instagram app to 10.9.

* Tap the upload button as normal, then select the new icon for multiple photos.

* Select up to 10 photos to upload.

* Once uploaded, you can move the photos around into the order you wish them to be displayed, or remove them by holding down on the photo you wish to remove and selecting delete.

Users will see three ‘dots’ on the post, indicating that they can swipe through to see the rest of the photos uploaded.

It’s a well implemented system that adds a lot of functionality to Instagram that you never knew you needed, but you definitely, definitely did. Give it a try!